Saturday 28 May 2011

"If Carlsberg did flying boats.........."

One of my long-time aquaintances, fellow flying boat enthusiast and expert decal producer is Dave Koss, the force behind the Canadian manufacturer Leading Edge Decals, exponents of some of the most detailed high-quality decal sheets ever issued and, in my view, collectors items in their own right - that said to make me feel better about the 'stash' that I have collected over the years!

From time-to-time, Dave very kindly sends me flying boat related material and the like, and today was no exception, but I just had to share this one with you! This stopped me dead in my tracks!

Over time, there has been some fanciful flying boat designs - some real and have flown and some that never made it off of the drawing board, especially in the early years. But, this one takes the biscuit.

Just take a look at this.......

Now this is what I call a flying boat! I havn't a clue where the picture originates from but just imagine owning one of these and travelling the world, stopping off to visit all those exotic places.

For no other reason than it fascinates me, I thought you would like to see it too. Can't wait for the 1/72 scale resin kit to be issued, shortly followed by the aftermarket decal set from Dave featuring Pan American Airways decals!