Wednesday 4 August 2010

Welcome to the new SEAWINGS Blog....!

This blog has been set-up as the place where all the musings of SEAWINGS can go - call it 'Rumour Control' if you like; the place where I can tell you about new kits in the pipeline, or a quick look at some images that I have received, in-fact just about anything connected with flying boats.

The reason for this starting this blog is simply that the main SEAWINGS site is first and foremost a reference website and I don't want it to become clogged with text; each time I do an up-date I have been concerned that there isn't enough space on the What's New page to really list things, or mention what's happening around the site. I get asked often 'why so long between up-dates', well now I have somewhere to tell you what's coming up and why it takes so long, or whatever.

Also, The SEAWINGS Flying Boat Forum isn't the right place for what I want to do here; that too is a reference site in the main. Currently, there are 163 registered members (it's free if YOU want to join!) and I know that SEAWINGS gets many more visitors a day than visit the forum. That's ok, I don't have a problem with that as I know (because they have told me) that they are people that don't wish to join or contribute but here now they can if they want to - just by posting on the blog.

So, here is where you will find out what I'm thinking of up-loading in the next few weeks, what's been sent in to me in the way of reference material, and anything else I can think of.

Your contribution is warmly welcomed! 

More later............



Cathy Howat said...

For Flightsim users, please be aware that the 1st Class Simulations Sunderland will NOT work in prepa3d V3

Unknown said...

I have just looked at your website for the first time ever and at the top of the home page you have a photograph of 201 Squadron Sunderland PP122 (E Easy) from R.A.F. Pembroke Dock when she hit a submerged rock in St. Peters Port, Guernsey in 1954 (I was nearly 5 years old). My father was a member of the crew (he was a master signaller). I have another photo on my website). Unfortunately the packing case in which all of my parents’ photographs were packed during a move in 1979 was stolen and not a single one remains. I remember there were photos of a Coastal Command Blenheim in which my father was a WOP/ AG and they were shot down near Tobruk by an RAF Tomahawk by mistake. They crash landed and my dad took 3 photos with the skipper and nav. leaning on the forward canopy. There photos of my dad in France as an 18 year old (he was that age when he was evacuated at Dunkirk - The R.A. Used airforce wireless operators as well as their own). There were photos of 201 Squadron crews and aircraft etc. etc. Even ohotos he took when he was back in Portsmouth (where his mum lived) of a daylight air raid.

Unknown said...

There are one or two typos, I’m afraid. It was a welcome and moving surprise. Of course I could be wrong and it might be another similar accident.

Jerry said...

Hello Bryan, please may I make a contribution to your fine effort of £100 and have a quick call with you? Jerry