Monday, 27 September 2010

Saro Princess 1/72 scale Vac-Form Kit - Part 6 Nearly there.......!

Jim has sent in his latest instalment of his 'Build Log' for the Saro Princess. Jim say's:

"The picture below shows me creating the forward wing fillet with epoxy putty - in the UK that would be simialr to Milliputt. Here, I'm taping the wing to the hull, and placing plastic wrap (clingfilm) around the hull to keep the epoxy from bonding onto the hull, then blended the epoxy to the wing with a wet finger (water). Then, I let it cure in-place overnight and in the morning remove the wing with the fillet attached".

"The large fillet seen on the rear of the wing - under the blue tape in the picture - was cut earlier from the original hull vacform, to allow the wing to be dropped in place. The wing will not now be attached to the hull until both the wing and hull are completely finished, painted and decaled".

"At last..! Painting in the spray booth - always a sign that we are nearing the end, or ar at least at the beginning of the end! Because of the size of the model, my Paasch airbrush was not up to the job. This is a job for a spray can. The top of the hull has already been painted white".

"Now it is masked off and in this picture above the lower hull is getting a covering of Light Aircraft Gray colour. The hull is being held by adjustable pliers which are clamped onto a balsa bulkhead, glued within the hull. This, of course, won't be seen once the wing is on. Coming in episode 7......making and placing the decals". 

It is always satisfying to get some paint on a model project as it signifies so much. You might simply be putting on an undercoat so that it will reveal all the little miniscule places where extra attention - usually filler - have to be  re-worked to smooth out a joint or two. Or, simply in the case of Jim's  build, it's the beginning of the end - the end is in sight. But, what it does do more than anything, is bring the model to life. There is going to be a major difference the next time we see the Princess now that the paint is going on. I for one can't wait..!

Regards, SEAWINGS. 

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Anonymous said...

Very Cool, would like to see the finished model