Wednesday 11 August 2010

New-Build 1:1 scale Glass-Fibre Grumman 'Widgeon'

Just received an interesting communication from long-time SEAWINGS correspondent Dave Fletcher (a.k.a. 'The Volmer Guy'). He owns his own Volmer amphibian that is featured in the walk-round section of the SEAWINGS main site, so knows a good thing when he see's it! It reads: "I saw this new production Amphibian, Gweduck c/n 001 at the EAA Arlington Fly-in and air show. It looks like a Widgeon from a distance, but close up it has a fibreglass hull and opposite-handed Lycoming engines. Sorry about the quality of the photo, but it was dusk at the time".

What a 'looker'....! I don't know anymore about it other than what you have just read but if these are in series production I would love to know more about them. Any info 'out there' that anyone can send in, to the usual e-mail address?

I wonder how it handles compared to the original? As ever, thanks Dave.


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Spirit of Delta said...

Just found this post. Don't know if anyone will read this but here it goes.
The aircraft is a fiberglass "copy" of the Widgeon. "Copy" really isn't the right word for it but i'm no scholar.
Look up to find more info about this really great aircraft. I won't be a production aircraft but a homebuilt.